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Long-time California and District 33 resident Sharifah Hardie intends to run for Senate for District 33 in the 2024 Primary Election. She is a business consultant, talk show host, author, and more. After spending years empowering small businesses, Hardie now plans to use her experience to invest in and improve her community. Specifically, through her candidacy, Hardie will address her plans to create jobs, eradicate homelessness, and achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion in District 33 and across the United States.

The Big Picture

Sharifah Hardie’s platform was created with a few big picture ideas in mind. Many people across the country are currently suffering from mental illness and PTSD, both of which are leading causes of joblessness and homelessness. Hardie believes that no person should live in fear of losing everything if they were to lose their job. The stress of everyday life is already heavy enough on its own, and Hardie wants to ease some of that stress by creating jobs with a living wage, eradicating homelessness or fear of homelessness, and creating a world with diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Job Creation

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in staggeringly high unemployment rates and workplace turmoil. Having been laid off eight times over the course of her career and persevering each time, Hardie understands the immense stress unemployment or the fear of unemployment can create. Hardie also recognizes that people can accomplish anything if given the right support, resources, and information, and views creating jobs with a living way as an important step in helping people rise to any challenge.

Eradicating Homelessness

Mental illness and PTSD are some of the leading causes of homelessness. The sad truth is, when people are not equipped with the right support and resources, it is very difficult for them to overcome their situation, which allows harmful situations to continue. As a long-time District 33 resident, Hardie has seen the effects of homelessness in her community. With a knack for identifying strengths in others and moving them to action, Hardie is optimistic that as a State Senate representative, she can make meaningful changes that help eradicate homelessness in District 33 and beyond.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Sharifah Hardie believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are paramount when striving to overcome social disparities and issues. For this reason, she has dedicated her career to consulting businesses in District 33 and beyond, helping individuals find a platform to raise their voices and speak out about important issues, and sharing her own experiences and struggles candidly to inspire others to continue charging ahead. Through her candidacy, Hardie will rely upon her experience with diversity, equity, and inclusion, listen to the voices and needs of her community, and offer her honest perspective and pragmatic solutions to the problems facing District 33.

Sign the Petition

Sharifah Hardie needs your support to get on the ballot for the 2024 Primary Election. Sign the petition and share with your friends to show your support for Sharifah Hardie’s run for CA Senate District 33.