California gubernatorial election, 2026 heats up with Sharifah Hardie as only Republican candidate vying for Governor

After much speculation, Sharifah Hardie recently announced her intent to run for California Governor in the upcoming 2026 election. This news has sparked excitement and interest among many, as Hardie is not only a Republican candidate, but also an African-American female – a rarity in the predominantly Democratic state.

Hardie, a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, has been vocal about her plans to bring change and diversity to California’s political landscape since her initial run for Long Beach City Council District 6 in 2020, followed up by her bid for CA Senate District 33 in March of 2024. With all other candidates being Democrats, her decision to run as a Republican has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions about the potential for a shift in the state’s political climate.

As Hardie’s campaign gains momentum, endorsements and contributions from the Republican party and her supporters are expected to pour in. Her unique perspective and fresh ideas have already garnered support from various organizations and individuals who believe in her ability to lead and bring positive change to the state.

With her strong business background and dedication to serving her community, Hardie is determined to make a difference and turn California red. She believes that her platform, which focuses on creating jobs, improving education, and addressing homelessness, will resonate with voters from all backgrounds.

As the race for California Governor heats up, all eyes will be on Sharifah Hardie and her campaign. With her determination, passion, and support from the Republican party and her supporters, she has the potential to make history and become the first African-American female Republican Governor in the state. For more information on Hardie’s campaign, her vision for California and to show support, visit her website at

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