Long Beach Police Department Intervenes in Realtors’ Attempted Forcible Entry of CA Gubernatorial Candidate’s Home

On March 28th, in the 1100 block of Olive Avenue, Centennial Advisers Realtor Spencer Allen and his team attempted to enter the home of California Gubernatorial Candidate Sharifah Hardie. The realtors claimed they needed to inspect the property, but Hardie was unaware the property had been listed for sale or who Centennial Advisors was. This resulted in a refusal of entry by Hardie.

On April 4th, the realtors returned with a locksmith and attempted to forcibly enter the property once again, causing fear and angst for Hardie. Eventually, the Long Beach Police Department was able to get the realtors to leave the property, advising that this was a “civil matter” and that if they enter the property they do so “at their own risk.”

The incident, which took place in the midst of Hardie’s campaign for governor, has raised questions about the actions of the realtors and their intentions. Hardie, who was caught off guard by the initial attempt to enter her home, expressed her concerns about the invasion of privacy and the lack of communication from the seller and Centennial Advisors.

Hardie stated, “I was shocked and confused when the realtors showed up at my doorstep. I had no idea my home was listed for sale or who these people were. It was a clear violation of my privacy and property rights. Yet, they were adamant that they were getting in. They said they would just call a locksmith and the police if I didn’t let them in. I didn’t even know who they were. I’m tried of being bullied and that’s what these guys are. Bullies.”

According to California law, a 120-day intent to sell notice is a key legal requirement in the process of selling a property. This notice serves as a formal declaration to the tenant of the seller’s intent to sell the property and allows the seller to show the property to perspective buyers. It does not give the seller or its agents the right to forcefully enter the property without the consent of the current occupant and effectively protects the tenants right to “quiet enjoyment.”

The realtors, on the other hand, claim that they had a legitimate reason to enter the property and were simply following protocol. They stated that they had been hired by the current owner of the property to conduct an inspection and were not aware that Hardie had not been notified.

“I was frightened. He just opened my screen door and tried to walk in. Thank God my bar door was locked, but this wasn’t personal. They didn’t do this to just me. None of the tenants were notified of the sellers’ intent to sell. This is how so many people wind up homeless. Because other people just push them out on the street like they’re nothing,” says Hardie. “The property is currently listed at two million dollars. That’s a lot of money for some people. They are willing to disregard the law and ignore the fact that these are people’s homes, and lives to get what they want.”

This incident has sparked controversy and raised questions about the legality of their actions. The realtors’ persistence in attempting to enter the property has raised concerns about their methods and intentions. The involvement of the police has added another layer to this already complex situation.

Hardie’s campaign team has expressed their gratitude to the Long Beach Police Department for their prompt response and handling of the situation. Hardie’s team has also reassured the public that they will not be intimidated or deterred by such actions and will continue to fight for the people of California.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting the privacy and property of individuals. Hardie’s campaign stands firm in their belief that everyone has the right to feel safe and secure in their own home. They urge the public to support their cause and stand against any form of harassment or intimidation.

For more information on Sharifah Hardie and her campaign, please visit her website at www.SharifahHardieForGovernor.com.

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